Raymond Ramirez - Manzo, calligrapher & artist

Meet - Raymond. The creative entrepreneur behind KidGolightly Calligraphy. He is based in Southern California with his two cats (Almond, a Siamese Queen, and Sawyer, the sweetest American Shorthair) and his loving husband.

You’d think having a Degree in Multimedia, lead him to this path - it wasn’t. The journey started back in Manila, Philippines in the Summer of ‘13, when his parents asked him to design the invites for their Pearl Anniversary Wedding. Through his research then, he discovered that there was an art called Calligraphy. He was in love with typography at a young age - he would create his own version of album artworks for his favorite artists, as he fondly recalls. So it was only natural that he fell in love with Calligraphy and started training on his own. When he found his signature style, he had a lovely epiphany of starting this brand as a business career.

What sets him apart from others is his script, they're delicate and unique. Like a cobweb in the wild nature. Every project done is invested with so much time & infused with passionate love for the craft. He collaborate with his clients to create the perfect piece that speaks of the memory they wish for it to hold - be it an heirloom from a wedding day, a "just because" gift that comes from the heart, a custom piece they can imagine or a hand lettered logo that embodies the story of their brand. A KidGolightly piece represents quality work that is luxurious in feel to captivate their audience. KidGolightly is known for that and Raymond is proud of his brand because it is truly him and it is not limited for any kind of growth. As romantic as that may sound it is the beautiful truth.

KidGolightly Calligraphy is based in California and caters to clients in the U.S. and worldwide.

SERVICES offerd but are not limited to:
Hand Crafted Logos | Wedding/Event Invitations | Save the Dates | Fine Printing | Invitation Assembly Day-Of Stationery and Signage | Calligraphy Vows | Calligraphy Place/Escort Cards Envelope Addressing | Digitized Spot Calligraphy | Custom Prints + Artwork
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